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THE SCOPE: To bring Trainees and Trainers together with the use of new technologies in an effort to provide easy-to-access training and share our expertise globally
THE GOOD: Training is a vehicle to Excellency. Excellency is a virtue. "Business Excellency" may be a cash-generating virtue...
THE BAD: Cost for travelling, subsistence etc.; Trainees must leave office to meet Trainers
THE UGLY...truth: Industry competition is ruthless; WE NEED TRAINING!
THE CONCEPT: To provide easy-to-access training with the use of new technologies in order to bring together Trainees and Trainers interactively online.

Our experience - both from the trainers’ and the trainees’ perspective - in the logistics planning of training courses, brought to light a simple fact that we all should agree:

  • To match professionals’ schedules and bring together trainees and trainers is a very challenging task; this, combined with courses’ required duration (by IMO or relevant bodies), is a considerable factor that can prevent participants (i.e. vessel crews, HSSEQ personnel from high risk facilities, executive managers, etc.) from attending training courses. Our interactive e-courses have been developed with the guidance and recommendations of an IMO advisory Group and UK’s Nautical Institute, addressing this issue in an effort to provide unobstructed access to the training courses as required by the respective conventions (OPRC etc.) in order to create or retain response capabilities up to International standards.

Our teaching method uses an interactive, real-time video conference platform that allows a plethora of highly qualified and experienced instructors from around the world to deliver tutored e-course modules straight at your location. The advantages are obvious:

  • Significant reduction of training cost through the minimization of travel and accommodation expenses

  • Hugely improved training experience through the online participation of experts from around the World that are sharing their expertise on specialized eras collaborating in real-time with the delegates

  • Increased participants’ interest through the interaction with multiple instructors

  • Delivery of the course at delegates’ pace with the remote instructors being able to login at request

  • Personnel remain at their workplace, thus without jeopardising safety parameters

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Real-time Tutored


Blended - Tailor Made

Our e-course method uses an interactive, real-time video conference platform that allows a plethora of highly qualified and experienced instructors from around the world to deliver modules straight to your location. This method significantly reduces the overall cost of training, a feature that is always welcome.

Highly qualified instructors, either industry professionals or academia executives, guarrantee that none of delegates' questions will be left in the shadow of doubt. 

There are times that a "blended" training format is what a Company needs.

E-courses instructors from around the world blend with physical ones resulting to an interactive  training course that cannot be easily questioned by any professional...

A flexible way to gain access to specialized knowledge and expertise from the comfort of your office or  home and at your own pace.

The web-based, pay-as-you-go system allows you to control payments and build-up a credit-system that will lead to certification.


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