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An Alliance of Green Bow Maritime Ltd and New Naval Ltd

World's First-Accredited OPRC Real-Time Interactive e-Courses

Online-interactive & Physical

Maritime & Oil Spill Response Training


A "AboutUs" Story

NGP Training Center, established 2017, set steaming course to provide easy-to-access training with the use of new technologies.

Specialised in Emergency, Oil (OSR) and Chemical (HNS/HAZMAT) Spill Response Training, Crisis Management, Media Handling and other topics related to environmental protection, emergency response and maritime industry operations.

Located in the strategic region of Eastern Mediterranean but not limited by geographic or language boundaries.

Delivering any course in English, Arabic, Hindi, Greek, French, Italian or Spanish in any part of the world. 

THE SCOPE: To bring Trainees and Trainers together with the use of new technologies in an effort to provide easy-to-access training and share our expertise globally

THE GOOD: Training is a vehicle to Excellency. Excellency is a virtue. "Business Excellency" may be a revenue-generating  virtue...

Cost for travelling, subsistence etc.; Trainees must leave office to meet Trainers

THE UGLY...truth: Industry competition is ruthless; WE NEED TRAINING!

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A "WhoWeAre" Story: 

Our  Instructors' Team

John Dipple

John is an experienced emergency management...READ MORE

Aniket Chatterjee

A qualified petroleum engineer ...READ MORE

Mohaamed Fouad

Mohamed has graduated from the faculty of engineering-mechanical ...READ MORE

nicky cariglia bio photo.JPG
Nicky Cariglia

Nicky has over fifteen years’ experience across a broad spectrum...READ MORE

George Pantazakos 

18+ years of continuous career progression in various oil spill response ...READ MORE

Digvijay Gopal Velapure

Graduated the University of Mumbai with a Masters degree in ...READ MORE

Esther Wolfs

Over 20 years of experience in sustainable economic development 


Khaled El-Haw

Khaled is working in International Environmental & Marine ...READ MORE

Prof. Nikolaos Ventikos

Nikos is an Associate Professor at National Technical University of Athens  with ...READ MORE

Noel C. Kimmayong

Noel is currently the head of the Waterborne Industry Spill ...READ MORE

Stijn Schep

T9 years experience in impact measurement and  monitoring ...READ MORE

Ahmed Thabet

Ahmed et is working in International Environmental ...READ MORE



OPRC OSR (Oil Spill Response) All Levels and more:

- Introductory Level as per IMO Model Course 4.01

- Level 1: First Responder as per IMO Model Course 4.02

- Level 2: Supervisor/On-Scene Commander as per IMO Model Course 4.03

- Level 3: Administrator and Senior Manager as per IMO Model Course 4.04

- OPRC Oil Spill Response Refresher Course

Designed for those wishing to update their Certificates and refresh their knowledge

- Oil Spill Awareness Course for vessels Crews and Operating Managers.... READ MORE 

HNS (Hazardous & Noxious Substances) Response

The OPRC-HNS Protocol 2000 requires governments to establish the training of relevant personnel and a programme of exercises for the response to pollution from hazardous and noxious substances (HNS)   ....READ MORE​ 

Crisis & Incident Command System (ICS) Management of marine casualties and oil spills

Concerning oil spills and the protection of the marine environment, it is true that spills from tanker accidents have been reduced over the years. However, there is still room for improvements.
 ....READ MORE​ 

Oil Spill Contingency Planning: Drafting, Review and Audit / Table-top exercises

A fundamental course for administrators, key personnel and policy makers who are willing to implement and maintain a minimum National standard of oil spill readiness, prevention and response.  ....READ MORE 

CybERAlert: Cyber Security Awareness Course

NGP Training Center was one of the first training providers that has identified that as technology advances, new risks are coming forward like the Cyber Security Risk that has already been highlighted by IMO and will be incorporated into ISM’s DOC by 01/01/2021 for all shipping companies ....READ MORE 

Environmental Damage Assessment

Incidents in the maritime sector, such as ship groundings and oil spills, affect a wide range of stakeholders that benefit from the marine environment. Too often, compensation claims are established through   ....READ MORE 

Media Response and Public Affairs

Arguably, our today’s connected World provides images of any incident around the Globe almost instantly and people perception can affect the course of a crisis management irreversibly. ....READ MORE 

Energy-Efficient Operations of Ships

This Course Objective is to provide an understanding of all the parameters that contribute to the energy efficient operation of ships. With the global sulphur cap 2020 in the doorstep of the international  ....READ MORE 

Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships

A course for those wishing to understand the future of shipping. Its content: Overview of the technological developments enabling ship automation: Robotic, Big data, Machine learning; Practical examples of  ....READ MORE 

IMO Search And Rescue Convention

This 1-day course is an IMO Model Course and it is designed for new entries into the workforce of Governmental and Private Organisations that are taking part in the implementation and response to S&E

IMO Conventions on Liability and Compensation

This 2-day course summarises the IMO Conventions relevant to Liability and Compensation issues arising from a marine incident. Its content includes an Overview on IMO Conventions, enabling participants to ....READ MORE 

Hazardous Material Carriage

TThis 1-day Course provides an understanding of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code as applicable to the carriage of dangerous goods on Vessels, and their practical application onboard

Oil Spill Response Equipment Operation and Maintenance Tips

This is a free demonstration, illustrating basic tricks and tips for operating and maintaining your oil spill stockpile. It is regularly updated with new equipment additions ....READ MORE​ 

Methods of Delivery

Physical Delivery & Online-tutored courses

For some learners, nothing beats speaking directly to the instructor, as a healthy percentage of communication includes body language and other nonverbal cues. This can be accomplished in physical classrooms as well as live, online events, such as e-classes and webinars.

We are able to provide a tailor-made course either to our state-of-the-art facilities in Athens and Lavrion (Greece) or at selected locations around the World. We can deliver the course at your premises or even organize a suitable venue in your region.

A step forward within today’s interconnected World is the development of online courses delivered by Experts around the World; indeed, a privilege that cannot be underestimated. Plus, it is cost-effective, with the minimum environmental footprint while at the same time safety personnel remain in their position.

For both options, either physical or online, you can select your preferred course and ask for our availability.


Pay As You Go (PAYG) Learning Management System (LMS)

With recorded videos and other asynchronous delivery methods, learners can access content anytime, anywhere they have an Internet connection. When you have a training resource all to yourself, as with a video, you can focus on the features that are most relevant to your work. Most virtual training also allows you to start at the level that makes the most sense for the individual, skipping the stuff that you have already mastered and spending your valuable training time on new material.

Through our PAYG Learning Management System you can select out of a variety of courses that you can attend at your own pace or register for an OPRC OSR / HNS prework Course in order to build a point system that will lead to Certification.



  • Port Operators

  • Port Authorities

  • Oil and Gas companies

  • Hydrocarbons Authorities

  • Public / Governmental organizations (such as the competent authorities and ministries) in a number of countries including but not limited to Greece, Egypt, Malta, Cyprus, Qatar, India etc.

  • Shipping companies

  • Salvage companies

  • Marine surveyors

  • Courses references from our clients are available upon request.






In NGP we believe that training is a core value for learning and awareness, both of which contribute to maintaining a friendly environmental attitude.

However, our planet’s ecosystem is on a turning point and we believe that more need to be done; for this reason we have adopted the UPCYCLING practice in order to re-use materials with multiple benefits for the environment. 

Your ideas are also welcome for products that can be upcycled from PVC, aluminium and steel.



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